All you need to know about me:

I’m JJ Frederickson and I’m here to change lives. I help people to “Live Life Easy” by introducing them to their caveman (or cavewoman) brain. Yes, we all have one, and once we make the powerful connection between stress and our caveman brain — well, that’s when the magic happens!

I was the original Expert Life Coach for WTMJ4 in Milwaukee, and I’m a certified Coach and Trainer with The Fearless Living Institute. Through my broadcasts, podcasts, seminars, blogs and articles, I teach people how to stop using that primitive brain and become a stronger version of themselves – their Perfect Self. And with my private practice I’ve helped clients around the globe learn to tackle job stress, relationship stress, financial stress and even retirement stress!

Back in college, I earned a BA in Broadcast and Electronic Communication from Marquette University, with a Journalism emphasis. I was a writer and editor for Southern Lakes Media and a news reporter for WIN-TV and WMIR. I was also one of the founders of Sage Street Dance Company in Burlington.

Now I feel like I’ve truly found my calling with Life Coaching. It’s brought everything in my life together, totally accessing my Perfect Self. I get to pull together all my skills and experiences to help people reduce stress and fall in love with their lives. How amazing is that?!?

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