Stress less when you clear your emotional and mental clutter with the Fearless Life teleclass!

  • “Fearless Life is uplifting!”

  • “Invigorating!”

  • “Fearless Life Changes your thinking and changes your life.”

The FREE audio of the introductory class covers how your hidden fears keep you from being your true self and living your best life. I share a secret with you and give you one of my favorite tools to instantly make your body and brain more effective. This is the first step to clearing your mental and emotional clutter, and it’s my gift to you. You’ll get great information with no obligation.

But if you want to go further and have the complete Fearless Life experience, sign up for the full 5-week teleclass by clicking the “Buy Now” button below. We’ll meet every Thursday through the month of March. And don’t worry if you can’t make a call. Each class will be recorded and sent to your inbox, along with all support materials and exercises.

**** Sorry! There is currently not a full Fearless Life class being offered ****

However, everyone who signs up below for the FREE Fearless Life Intro Audio will be

updated on future sessions!


So easy! Your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

The Fearless Life teleclass series is powerful and life changing. You will begin to identify the thoughts, feelings and actions that are keeping you from living the life you want … pretty AMAZING stuff.

The full Fearless Life teleclass helps you

  • raise self-confidence,
  • eliminate excuses,
  • find passion and purpose,
  • release expectations, and

Teleclasses are 7pm CST every Thursday in March.

Remember, all recordings and support materials will be sent to your inbox, just in case you have to miss a class or two. Of course, the class is so much fun you probably won’t want to miss the interactive experience!

Cost of the full 5-week class is $39.97.

Your 1-time payment of $39.97 includes:

  • Class materials, including action sheets and guides
  • Weekly teleclass access to JJ the Life Coach
  • 5-hours of class audio recordings
  • Online life coaching guidance

Click below for FULL access


Still wondering if the Fearless Life Teleclass is for YOU? Check out this video.

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