Morning Ramble: Do you need permission to be you?

Ishagbark was out walking in the yard today, admiring a long strip of bark on a shagbark hickory tree. I thought, “This is amazing — absolutely beautiful.”

Then I saw an oak tree with it’s “average” bark. I didn’t go up to that oak and say, “What’s wrong with you oak! You don’t have that cool looking bark. You’re just plain and boring. How could anyone like you?”

Instead, I went up to the oak and thought, “You grow so straight, and you keep some of your dead leaves all through the winter. How is it possible to hold onto those leaves through all of the snow, ice, and wind?”

You see, both of those trees are perfect. They were made that way. The oak is a perfect oak. The hickory is a perfect hickory.

And you are a perfect you. You are amazing and beautiful just the way you are. You were made that way. Don’t listen to the negative self talk that says you should be something you’re not. If you’re an oak, stand in your oakness. Don’t rail on yourself because you aren’t a shagbark hickory.

Be okay with yourself today — no be better than okay! Be proud of you. Stand in your unique awesomeness. I give you permission.

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