From Panic to Peace


In my office there is a statue of Shiva Nataraj, “Dancing Shiva.” He’s a Hindu God, and this image of Shiva represents creation and destruction — the duality we experience on Earth. There is meaning in every element of the statue (for details, click here). I appreciate all of those details, but I use my statue to remember one thing: In the midst of chaos there can be peace.

The statue shows Shiva dancing in a destructive ring of fire (and we all know what Johnny Cash says about a ring of fire — it burns, burns, burns). Yet, he dances with joy and ecstasy. The fire stays outside of him, because he’s in a protective bubble of peace.

Check out a closeup of his face. It’s absolutely placid. shivaclose

One of the Life Themes I learned about in my hand analysis training is Peace vs. Panic. My Dancing Shiva immediately came to mind. People with this theme are on Earth to learn how to feel at ease in the midst of chaos, learning to go from panic to peace. The more they learn how to shift gears, the more they access their divine spark and live more on purpose.

These Life Themes are like a coin we carry with us for our entire life. There are four themes:

  1. Peace vs. Panic,
  2. Wisdom vs. Confusion,
  3. Love vs. Judgment, and
  4. Sacrifice vs. Service.

My Life Theme is Love vs. Judgment, so the coin I carry has love on one side and judgement on the other. Everything I do, every moment in my life, boils down to those two elements. Before I knew my Life Theme, I was leaving it up to chance as to which one would appear — essentially flipping the coin and hoping for love.

Now that I know my Life Theme, I get to choose heads or tails — love or judgment. It’s no longer random. I have the power to exert more love in my life and live with more joy and meaning.

The Peace vs. Panic Life Theme works the same way. The coin has peace on one side and panic on the other. Someone with this theme doesn’t necessarily have to live this terrible life full of chaos. It’s just a matter of how they perceive and process everyday stress.

Someone with the Peace vs. Panic Life Theme might:

  • Get overwhelmed with busy-ness;
  • Regularly experience road rage;
  • Spend a lot of time worried about your safety, health, identity theft, being a victim of a crime;
  • Watch the news often — not for information but to react with emotion (outrage, sadness, indignation, judgment, fear, etc.);
  • Be sensitive to conspiracy theories;
  • Call yourself a “survivor” for living through all the crisis in your life; or
  • Love extreme activities that bring an adrenaline rush (from working in an ER to mountain climbing).

Having this theme doesn’t mean you experience all of those identifiers. As a matter of fact, we all get a taste of each-and-every theme throughout our life on Earth. Knowing whether it’s your Life Theme is more about the frequency it shows up for you — how often stress moves you into some type of “panic-mode” — overwhelm, worry, fear, hyperbole, confusion, etc. (Or of course you can know your theme for sure by getting your hand analyzed.)

In all of these cases, Peace vs. Panic people learn to move into peace — to purposefully choose the empowering side of the coin. They are here to become Peace Masters, with an intimate understanding of BOTH sides of the coin.  They know all about the panic side of life; they’ve “been there, done that,” and now they’re highly skilled at leading the way to peace. Here’s where that side of the coin looks like:

  • You feel grounded and centered — most of the time;
  • When you go into panic-mode, you’re able to move through the emotions without adding drama;
  • You have an empowering and positive way to get your adrenaline rush (exercise, sports, Red Cross volunteer, etc.);
  • You can flow through change easily;
  • You’ve set up systems and methods that help you be productive, methodical, and careful when you work; and
  • You feel safe and secure, having faith that all is well.

Does Peace vs. Panic sound like your Life Theme? Which side of the coin shows up the most in your life? Even if this isn’t your theme, how can you bring more peace into your life?

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