Handprint Demonstration Video

Here is the video demonstration for making handprints.


Please read all instructions before you start.

  1. Remove “Cleanum Prep Towelette” from it’s square wrapper. Wipe hands with towelette and discard.
  2. Take two sheets of white paper. In the top corner of each sheet write: a) Your first & last name, b) Today’s date, c) Right (or) Left Hand
  3. Open the four rectangular packages of “Super Towelettes” for cleaning. Pull the towelettes out of the packets and shake them open so that they are ready. DO NOT WIPE HANDS WITH CLEANING TOWELETTES (YET).
  4. Place white paper labeled “Right Hand” in front of you.
  5. Peel ink sheets apart and set one aside. Lay the other one, ink side UP and facing you, on top of the white paper.
  6. Place your right hand on the ink sheet and press firmly. Lift your hand — with the ink sheet still attached.
  7. Press your hands together firmly with the ink sheet in between them. Use the heel of your left hand to press the ink sheet into the middle of your palm and the base of your fingers. There are natural indents in those areas of the hand, and pressing will allow the ink to have better contact with those areas.
  8. Use left hand to grab the clean edge of the ink sheet and peel away from hand. Check hand to see that ink is applied to all areas. If more ink is needed, repeat process using SAME ink sheet. If hand is adequately covered, discard ink sheet and proceed to step 9.
  9. Place hand comfortably in the middle of the white paper — no need to stretch it out.
  10. Lift your hand up– with the white paper still attached.
  11. Again, press your hands together firmly (do NOT rub), using the heel of your left hand to press into the indentations. Some areas still might not print, and that’s okay. Just do your best to get a complete impression.
  12. Use left hand to peel white paper away. Place paper on the table and proceed to next step.
  13. At the bottom of the page, make an impression of each of your fingerprints. You usually don’t need more ink to do this. Label them Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring, Little.
  14. Clean hand using two “Super Towelettes.”
  15. REPEAT with Left Hand.


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