Here’s what JJ is all about

JJ Frederickson is a sought-after Life Purpose Coach and Consultant who is a master at helping people uncover and answer their calling. She empowers artists and entrepreneurs, helping them have lives and businesses that light their fire — so work doesn’t feel like WORK.

JJ uses a unique blend of intuition and analytical skills to help people sync up with their spirit so they can conquer the fear and stress that holds them back from their soul’s mission.

She uses a creative, out-of-the-box approach to help her clients tackle a multitude of psychological obstacles, such as:

  • Perfectionism;
  • Procrastination;
  • Misprioritizing personal needs;
  • Negative thinking; and
  • Lack of focus or motivation.

It’s JJ’s mission to bring more self-love, self-expression, and ease to our lives and to the world, by letting our passion and purpose create true transformation.

JJ is a Certified Life Coach, Hand Analyst, podcaster, video blogger, writer, and dancer. She currently serves as a Mentor and Director of Business & Education for the Fearless Living Institute and was the original Expert Life Coach with Milwaukee’s NBC affiliate TMJ4.

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