I want to talk to you about your true purpose..


I believe that our spirit came to the earth with a mission:

To experience life as you – your personality, your body, your family, your history 

I also believe that our spirits came here to contribute to the world in some way by expressing who you are — this doesn’t have to be a huge Oprah-esque mission. Maybe you came to be a parent, or maybe you came to paint pictures. Maybe you came to write, or you came to document family history in a scrapbook, or build houses. Maybe it was to touch the land with your gardening, or teach people how to sing

Last time, I talked about the health crisis that was a period of darkness for me (click here to read that blog post). Now, I want to tell you about what happened when I started to get healthy — healthy enough to start expressing myself in the world again.

It had been a year of clean eating, cleanses, and detoxes. I was finally feeling like myself again — vital, alive, sharp. But now I didn’t know what to do with myself after a decade of feeling run down. So I sent up a prayer.
It was a beautiful June day. I was outside, laying in my hammock when I said,

“God … Now that I’m feeling better, help me know what I’m meant to do now. And please, help me get out of my own way.”

I dozed for a while, and then I grabbed the iPad laying next to me to check my email. I opened my email app and at the top of the list said, “How to get out of your own way.” Man that was quick!

 The email was from Baeth Davis, a scientific hand analyst…. I’d never even heard of hand analysis, but my interest was sparked.


After doing some research it turned out that scientific hand analysis had nothing to do with fortune tellers or crystal balls. Instead, it looks at our finger prints  — which are formed between 14-16 weeks of pregnancy and never change. The idea is that our fingerprints act as a unique code, almost like DNA, that can tell us our aptitudes and our challenges. In other words, our finger prints can show us our Life Purpose and our Life Lesson.


Initially I was skeptical. But because it felt like my prayer had been so blatantly answered, I felt compelled to move past my initial reluctance and get my fingerprints analyzed so that I could learn my own true Life Purpose.


And boy, oh boy, things have been interesting ever since then.

Coming up next time:

  • I’ll tell you what my Life Purpose ended up being and how my business immediately filled beyond capacity once I embraced my Life Purpose and learned how to do Scientific Hand Analysis.
  •  How I had to learn how to scale back so that I wouldn’t burn out again — finding a way to accomplish all that I want to, while still flowing with life.

And Finally… 

Tune in to my radio show this September!

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Every Friday in September at 11:00AM CT my show, Stress Less Radio, will be featuring an episode where I will be sharing more about what Life Themes are and discovering and understanding your Life Theme can positively effect YOU!

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