I’m horrified! I’ve been “yeah, but-ing” all over the place!

The “yeah, but” is another pet peeve of mine, and I was horrified to discover that it’s crept back into my life! Dang, I thought I’d taken care of that sneaky beast that steals my joy …

So now that I know it’s back, what am I doing about it? First, I’m banishing “but” from my vocabulary. It will not cross my lips for the rest of the month! Secondly, I’m just going to stop myself at the “yeah” and give myself a moment to savor the feeling, letting it sink all the way into my soul. I know from experience that taking just these two small actions consistently can make all the difference in the world.

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  1. I just started reading your site – thanks for writing. I wanted to inform you that it’s not showing correctly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Tour). Anyway, I am now subscribed to the RSS feed on my PC, so thanks once again!

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