It is so good to be back!

I am almost ready to introduce my brand new program to all of you. This new beginning is something that I have been working towards for a long time and in the coming weeks before we launch I wanted to share with you some of the journey that has led me to reaching this point.​

My story starts by flashing back to what should have been the happiest time of my life and instead was the beginning of a period of darkness. A dimming of myself that had been taking place for about 10 years. It all started in my early 30s — I had a gynecological issue, including a miscarriage. Happily I was able to become pregnant again, giving birth to my daughter.

After my daughter was born I  just never felt completely right. I was exhausted, with no focus,  and a “foggy” brain. At first I simply chalked it up to the stress of being a new parent, but things didn’t get better as my daughter grew. They got worse year by year.


 My typical day looked like:

  • Waking up
  • Breakfast, get daughter ready for school, nap
  • Lunch, nap
  • Waking up and having a fully sugared and caffeinated Coke just to feel alert enough to drive and pick up my daughter from school
  • I would drag myself through the rest of the day, waiting for the moment I could get back in bed

I felt like I couldn’t enjoy my daughter’s childhood. If we did a special activity like going to the beach or the fair, it would take me 2-3 days to recover afterward. As for the relationship with my husband — I had nothing left for him.


Not only was I constantly exhausted with a scrambled brain, I was always sick with infections and colds. I became apathetic, and nothing seemed to matter anymore.I did everything I could to try to  fix myself. I tried to exercise it away. Different diets — more carbs, less carbs. Different vitamins. Nothing worked.


The Doctors didn’t have an answer for me. They said it was perimenopause, but I didn’t believe them. I knew other women are able to function during perimenopause — to hold down jobs, continue to live their lives. I couldn’t.


Then out of the darkness came a spark of light…  


I live in rural Wisconsin which isn’t exactly the mecca of holistic health alternatives. So what happened next feels like it was touched by the divine.


One day I was having lunch at a Jimmy Johns in a small town near my home. As I was leaving, a postcard fell off of their community bulletin board and caught my attention. 


I picked it up, and it was an advertisement for a Naturopath who had recently opened an office in this small town. I was desperate to try anything that would help me feel better, so I made the call…


It was probably caused by a combination of my over-achiever/perfectionist personality combined with a severe gluten intolerance — the double whammy of physical and mental stress of that caused my Adrenal Gland to be on red alert for years and possibly even decades.


I spent the next 12 months on a strict diet to reduce the stress in my body — eating natural foods, with no sugar, eggs, or gluten. I went through a series of detoxifications designed to help heal my body. There were treatments for the colon, liver, kidneys — plus cleanses designed to bring excess yeast and copper back to correct levels. 


My health was my #1 priority. As it improved, I regained my mental focus, my creativity, my VITALITY. The JJ who had been in hibernation was waking up. I was getting my life back in a new and spectacular way.

Being in this world depends on my body. The body is in service to my spirit. Taking care of my body means that my spirit can be who it came here to be.


As I cleansed my body, I also cleansed myself of the “shoulds” that I’d carried around for so long. I’d discovered that I couldn’t rely on traditional, conventional wisdom such as exercise to boost my metabolism or eating healthy whole grains. This advice had ended up being the opposite of what my body needed. Instead, I learned to listen to my inner self to guide and direct me in my healing and in my life.


The body has a wisdom, and if we take the time to tune in, it will guide us in our purpose.

This is what I’ve been doing for the past few years, and why you haven’t heard much from me lately. I’ve been on a journey that has not only given me back my life but also given me back my JOY. I know that was a lot to talk about after being gone so long, and I want to thank you for reading. I am so happy to be able to share this with you. 


And there’s still more that I want to share, so you’re going to be hearing more from me very soon! In the coming weeks I will be: 

  • Sharing with you about what happened once I started feeling better — when I sent up a prayer to know what my purpose was and things really started to spark
  • And I want you to be the first to see how this whole journey has shifted my business — in a way that supports me and my health, AND in a whole new way that supports you in being who you came to be, expressing yourself fully in the world, and finding your joy.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!

Until next time,



And Finally… 

Tune in to my radio show this September!

To celebrate the upcoming launch of my new program over the next four weeks we will be airing some of my favorite podcasts about Life Themes on 

Every Friday in September at 11:00AM CT my show, Stress Less Radio, will be featuring an episode where I will be sharing more about what Life Themes are and discovering and understanding your Life Theme can positively effect YOU!

Tenacious Living Radio is a FREE streaming service that you can listen to from anywhere you have a wifi signal – the show can also be streamed directly to your smart phone or tablet.


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