Get ready, July looks hot!!

Hi, Everyone!!

Last week, I met one of the inspirations for my work … Carol Tuttle. I traveled to Utah to attend a group seminar and get some personal coaching. It was fabulous, but what’s really exciting is that she has given me permission to use some of her distinctions in my work – including my TMJ4 TV segments!

What does this mean for you? Well, in July I’ll be focusing on how to get things done. July is the middle of summer, so if you’ve got some unfinished projects, there’s still time to finish them up. And I can help you with that by using Carol Tuttle’s profiling program!

She does more than just a personality profile (which we can all fudge on, right?). Instead, it’s a personal assessment tool that looks at behavior, thought and feeling processes, body language and physical characteristics to reveal the true you. When my client can tell me what “type” he or she is, I can better customize my life coaching so they can get quicker results and live life easy.

Each week, I’ll give a brief summary of one of the four types. If you recognize yourself, pay attention, because I’m about to give you some very specialized tips on how you can get things done in a way that works for you! Instead of fighting your natural tendencies, you’ll learn how to work with them … what could be better than that?

So stay tuned to this blog and my TMJ4 segments (if you’re in Southeastern Wisconsin). And if you want more information on Carol Tuttle’s work, click here.

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