Life Purpose Breakthrough: Scientific Hand Analysis

Do you want more out of life, but things just keep getting in the way? Does your life look good on the outside, but secretly it isn’t feeding your soul? Have you been doing everything that’s expected of you and realized that it’s time to start making your own rules?

Life is good, but it can get better.

We are all born with a code — like our DNA — that unlocks our potential, giving us the keys to a life with more passion and purpose. All it takes is a little guidance and a leap of faith.

Most people get stuck in the daily grind. There is an endless “to do” list, so they run out of time to do the things they really love. They push to accomplish more, even when the stress gets to be too much. They are fueled by caffeine and sugar fuel instead of inspiration and motivation. And eventually they crash … sick … tired … overwhelmed …

But some people break free. They know what they were born to do. They understand the obstacles and challenges that crop up, and have strategies to get through them.

Have you ever wondered why you are here and what you were born to do?

You can get out of the grind and have joy, peace and purpose — it all starts by unlocking your soul contract or Life Purpose. It guides you to a fulfilling life by revealing three keys:

  • YOUR Life Theme;
  • YOUR Life Lesson;
  •  and YOUR Life Purpose.

These three keys allow you to ANSWER YOUR CALLING, and what’s been holding you back from achieving it.

Right now you might be completely in the dark about what you’ve come here to do and be. You question and doubt yourself. It’s hard to make decisions. You feel powerless, misunderstood and lost.

Or maybe you have a vague notion of your calling but can’t seem to make progress toward it. You’re spinning your wheels and trying to get ahead by doing a bunch of busy work. Relationships aren’t what they could be. You feel unsatisfied, frustrated, stressed and stuck.

The Life Purpose Breakthrough Hand Analysis gives you answers — QUICKLY and precisely.

A unique code

We are all born with a code that is found in our fingerprints. It’s used as a means of personal identification, but what if that code could also reveal what you are meant to do with your life? What you came to this planet to learn? What your soul wants most from this life?

Your fingerprints take two weeks to develop, 14-16 weeks after conception.  Once they are formed, they NEVER change. Their formation is linked to in utero brain growth, genetics and a pulse of “soul” energy.

More than 30 years ago, research Richard Unger began collecting data that linked fingerprint ridges to personality traits and intellectual and creative talents. He found consistency and correlation between our hands and how we interact with our environment. HE CRACKED THE CODE, creating a system of Scientific Hand Analysis.

Scientific Hand Analysis

Scientific Hand Analysis isn’t about gypsies and crystal balls. It can’t “reveal the future,” but it can bring a new perspective to the process of your life and the people in it. It is a proven system of self-discovery, giving you a big picture view of your life story.

Imagine the power of knowing your mission in life?

People who know their Life Purpose have more clarity, focus, and fulfillment.

I’ve studied personal growth for 20 years, and been in the life coaching world for six years — never have I seen a system so ACCURATE and FAST! When I learned my personal Life Purpose, I couldn’t believe that it ALIGNED PERFECTLY with every other system I’ve every used.

That’s when I knew that I had to learn Scientific Hand Analysis to unlock those three keys that can shave years off of your personal growth. Instead of spending tons of time and money questioning and doubting, you can KNOW your blueprint and get going on living BEST LIFE.
Be the person you always wished you could be – inspired, focused, excited!

  • Make decisions with clarity and guidance.
  • Know what needs to be done to get you where you want to go.
  • Wake up with purpose and passion, happy to be alive!
  • Can you imagine being in the flow and ease of a life that is ON PURPOSE?

Get your Life Purpose Breakthrough today and start living that life! If the idea of knowing your purpose gives you the chills or makes your heart skip a beat, it’s time to act NOW! 

Don’t waste another moment in the grind, wondering if things could be easier … and if there’s more to life.


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For $797, you will get your unique Life Purpose Breakthrough including:

  • Free – Professional Handprinting Kit sent to your door.
  • Your Life Theme – Unites your lesson and purpose – Understanding your theme lets you coach yourself & makes it easier to live on purpose.
  • Your Life Purpose – Your soul’s specific mission – A big picture look at your most fulfilling life!
  • Your Life Lesson – Your biggest stumbling block (once you know it, you can unlock your Life Purpose).
  • Four personalize videos describing your unique code — approximate 60 minutes of content.
  • All shipping & handling is included in the cost.
  • BONUS: 45-Minute Life Purpose Breakthrough strategy session with JJ the Life Coach.

      $797 – YOUR Life Purpose

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The VALUE of having YOUR custom Life Purpose …



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