Love vs. Judgment

I’m working on a mini-program with maxi-benefits – The Sweet Life Jump Start. It helps people uncover their Life Theme so that them can live a more purposeful life.

Everyone has a major theme to his/her life. It’s the common thread that binds all of our experiences together — good and bad. There are four Life Themes that are a part of everyone’s human experience. That means that we get a glimpse of all the themes. But we each have a primary theme that we can call our own.

When we know and understand our theme, it becomes a choice point. We get to decide if we’re going to power up and move into our Life Purpose or power down and stay stuck.

Today’s Life Theme is Love vs. Judgment …

  • Do you shy away from certain emotions, but get stuck in others?
  • Try to stay calm and collected at all times? OR
  • Lose control and spew your feelings at whoever happens to be there?
  • Worry that people won’t like you if you really told them how you feel?
  • Isolate or withdraw to avoid having to be real?
  • Expect others to know what you’re feeling without having to tell them?

If those questions are a common theme in your life, living with more purpose and meaning means being emotionally authentic and appropriate — loving yourself enough to accept ALL your feelings instead of denying them — choosing love over judgment.

BTW, this is MY life theme … GULP!

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