Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it does magically appear …

So I’m on my way to the TV studio to do my weekly segment, which contains similar information to this Video Blog. I stop at the gas station on the way there, open the door, and there’s a bright shiny nickel waiting for me in the center of the mat!

You might say it’s just a random nickel, but I had a full-fledged celebration. MONEY! And all I had to do was bend over and pick it up! It’s like it magically appeared just for me as I was getting ready to talk to the TV viewers about this very same topic. How cool is that?!?

Here’s the full scoop:


  1. Two words: Grateful and Awesome!!!

    So grateful for your reminder and what an awesome reminder! I do constantly find pennies and dimes lying on the ground and I did not even bother to pick them up! My husband is constantly finding $5 – $10 bills lying on the ground and we would go get ice cream with the baby!

    We do have abundance and sometimes, we get so caught up with other stuff, we forgot to be grateful for what already is in our life. Thanks!!

    You are AWESOME!


  2. JJ the Life Coach

    Yes! Celebration and gratitude for all things big and small … definitely makes life more fun and awesome!

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