Morning Ramble: An ATV and Determination

My husband and I recently took a trip to Arizona — just the two of us. One of my morning rambles was an ATV tour in the desert near Phoenix.
ATV scenery
I haven’t driven a lot of ATVs. It’s usually a vacation thing, and I’m usually in the ATV “golf cart” with our daughter. Since it was just the two of us, I got to ride a big-girls vehicle. As a matter of fact, we were the only two on the tour.

Once the guide saw we had decent control of the ATVs, he chose some more challenging trails. I got a handle on the Whoopty-Doos pretty fast, but some of the teeter totter terrain would send me careening to the edge of the trail, squeezing the break until I regained control.

The Life Coach in me was fascinated, because I could observe my caveman brain switching on and then my prefrontal cortex taking back my body. If you want more on how the brain does that, sign up for my 90-Second Trick to Stop Stress in its Tracks on the home page.

Needless to say, our tour guide decided that I could use a quick lesson. He jumped on the back of my bike, giving me pointers, and coaching me to “Drive with determination. Tell the ATV where you want it to go, don’t let it drive you.”

Again, the Life Coach came to the forefront. Am I driving my life with determination? Am I telling it where I want to go, or am I letting it drive me?

Driving with determination

Driving with determination

The answer is yes and no. I have a have a handle on the Whoopty-Doos in my life, but there are teeter totters that still throw me for a loop. I let my caveman brain take charge, and I don’t always practice determination with my prefrontal cortex.

So that’s going to me my intention for a while, because driving my ATV with determination allowed me to explore even more of what the dessert had to offer. I had those Zen-like moments where I was riding on the sand and felt at-one with my vehicle and the trail.I even conquered a pretty steep hill and straddled a wash out. With determination, I had more fun, more freedom, and a bigger adventure.

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