Morning Ramble: Feeling or Fleeing?

icicleAs I went on my morning walk today, I let feelings of joy and gratitude soak into my cells. I absorbed them completely. It’s a practice I’ve been doing since last fall with both yummy feelings and painful feelings (see how I explain in my You Tube videos below).

At my last Hand Analysis Training, one of the participants told of using EFT (or tapping) to work on feelings. I’ve had limited exposure to EFT, but I know many coaches and holistic practitioners who prescribe EFT and love it. Yet as this woman was talking I wondered if she’s using EFT to absorb her painful feelings — move through them and beyond — or is she using EFT to race through the feeling and get it over with? Is she actually stuffing or avoiding the feeling, even though it feels like she’s working with it? Is she tricking herself?

I’ve used many techniques to avoid or race through a painful feeling: journaling, yoga, and meditation to name a few.  When I’m in that mode, I’m waiting for the good feeling to arrive. I’ve got an emotional agenda, and I’m trying to force it to happen. My intentions are good, but I’m actually writing, stretching, or breathing the feeling away instead of soaking it in. I flee from the pain before it hits my core.

Where are you feeling your emotions and where are you fleeing them? Do you tap into your feelings or do you tap them away? Are you willing to breathe the pain in before you breathe it away? How do you disconnect before an emotion hits your core? Where are you tricking yourself?

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