Morning Ramble: Off the Beaten Path

WhilIcy Pathe the sun is shining, the snow on my well-worn path through the woods melts a little. Overnight, the temperatures drop and it freezes. The path is icy in the morning when I take the dog outside.

Staying on that familiar route is dangerous. Right now, it’s better for me to go off the beaten path. I’m treading through deeper snow and underbrush, which actually isn’t so brushy in the winter. It’s more of a tangle. And there are thorns, but they aren’t too much of a problem with my  winter gear to protect me. I’m forging new trails and exploring new territory.

Sometimes our familiar routine becomes dangerous for us, too. It doesn’t work for us anymore. We stagnate and get bored. We go numb. We long for experiences that make our soul sing.

It’s time to explore, branch out, and try a new path. Sometimes the new territory is a little thorny and tangled, but that’s okay. A little bit of risk often brings a great reward.



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