Personal Power and Connection

Um, yeah … so far, life is different since I’ve reclaimed my personal power.

I’ve been doing personal work for years (duh, I’m a life coach). But NEVER have I felt so comfortable in my skin.

First off, I’ve been talking to people like crazy! I’m not one to start many conversations with strangers, although I have been doing more of that. Mostly I’ve been keeping the conversations going instead of answering questions with a yes/no. Grocery cashiers, moms at the school, people in line with me … you name it! I’m connecting here and there.

When I was a student in my coaching program, I had several assignments where I’d be connecting with strangers and acquaintances. I did it. I felt more “connected,” and yet it still felt fake. This doesn’t feel fake! This is just natural conversation.

I never realized how much I was still holding myself back – worried about acceptance, not wanting to say something stupid, not wanting to have my energy sucked away by someone else. I thought I’d conquered all of those fears and stressors, and yet there was a deeper level I hadn’t even touched.

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