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Have you ever wondered what you are here to do? Do you want more out of life, but things just keep getting in the way? Does your life look good on the outside, but secretly it isn’t feeding your soul? Have you been doing everything that’s expected of you and realized that it’s time to start making your own rules?

Discover your life’s mission, plus your biggest stumbling block with a Life Purpose Breakthrough.

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E-Book: Stop Stress Now! Relieve your Stress & Reclaim your Life with The Stress Equation

Stress saps your energy, steals your fun and sabotages relationships. Bit by bit … it takes over your life. Don’t spend another day feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, confused or disrespected. In less than an hour of read-time, you’ll get three key components to control of your stress and have the life you were meant to have. The Stress Equation — simple steps to stress less and live more.

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The BEST of Stress Less Radio: Happiness 3-Pack

Looking for more happiness in your life? Here are three of JJ’s best Stress Less Radio shows with tips and strategies — all in a fresh and fun format!

$1.99 for 3 shows (instant access & download):

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The Live Life Easy Stress Solution DVD & Workbook

Stress sucks! But with the Live Life Easy Stress Solution you can get rid of up to 90% of your day-to-day stress. Expert Life Coach JJ Frederickson teaches advanced stress-busting techniques that bring more energy, confidence, passion, purpose and most of all LESS STRESS! Stop being a stressed out mess and start living life easy with the Live Life Easy Stress Solution DVD and Workbook.

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Rhonda Britten’s Fearless Living Training Program


JJ’s teacher and mentor — Rhonda Britten — leads your through 10 course modules that change your life:


You’ll Be Able To… Overcome Self-Doubt And Develop Self-Confidence. You’ll have the Tools to Make Decisions From Your Heart-Felt Values, Not From Fear.

You’ll Learn Techniques To… Let Go Of The Hang-Ups From Your Past, So You Can Finally Feel Worthy And Empowered To Live The Life You Know You Deserve.

You’ll Be Able To… Stop Fear Dead In Its Tracks — Before It Has A Chance to Throw You Into More Hesitation And Negativity — And Cultivate Positive, Proactive Actions Based On What You Really Want, Not What You’re Afraid Of.

This Course is for anyone who wants to believe in themselves and their abilities, so they can move forward with their life. It’s for men and women who want to discover their true purpose and passion in life, and have the courage to do what it takes to live in alignment with that purpose. It’s for those who want more out of love and relationships, but don’t know how to forgive the past or let their hearts open up to new experiences.

The Fearless Living Training Program is for anyone who yearns for a better life but doesn’t quite know how to get there. CLICK to learn more.

The ONLINE training course includes:

  • 10 blockbuster, information packed modules designed so you can learn QUICKLY, at your OWN PACE, on your own schedule;
  • Special “Fearbuster Exercises” that have worked magic for thousands of people (including me!);
  • Complete audio version of the book Fearless Living, narrated by Rhonda Britten;
  • Direct access to Rhonda and other Fearless Living coaches & members in an online forum; and
  • Video and downloadable audio and written transcripts for the ENTIRE course.


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