Really?!? I’m feeling overwhelmed? Today?!?

Yep. Just a day after doing the blog on feeling overwhelmed, and it comes knocking on my door! Thank you, Universe! I get to practice what I preach.

Why the overwhelm? Well, I just agreed to go to the waterpark this afternoon with some family friends. I feel like I “should” stay at home and work on my website; that nasty rules and obligations trap!

The truth is that I’ve been working like a maniac on my business, getting ready for my TV Life Coaching segment debut on Thursday. Yes, there is more that I could do, but there’s always more that can be done. Going and having fun for the evening is not going to hurt anything.

As a matter of fact it’ll take my mind off the big day, and that’s a good thing.

So if I switch the word overwhelm to powerless, I’m feeling powerless. But I’m not willing to give my power away to the waterpark. It’s ridiculous to feel powerless, because I’m choosing to have some fun with my daughter and friends.

But it’s not so ridiculous if I’m displacing the feeling. Maybe the feeling is just coming out, and the waterpark decision doesn’t really have anything to do with it. I’m really feeling powerless about the whole TV event. I can’t control what questions the new anchors ask me. I can’t control how well the segment is received by viewers. I can’t control whether the producer likes me enough to keep me around. When I don’t have control, I don’t feel like I have power.

It seems logical — of course a person feels more powerful when he or she is in control! But I’m talking about personal power here, and NOTHING can change that. No matter what happens in that TV studio, I’m still me. I don’t need to give my power away to the anchors, audience or producer. I only have to be me and do my best. I can always rely on my perfect self to be there, with all my gifts, talents, intelligence, creativity and skills. My perfect self always goes with the flow and comes out unscathed.

So what about this feeling of being powerless? It’s just a feeling; it’s not the truth. And as much as I’m willing to feel that emotion, I’m not willing to let it (or my caveman brain) run my life. I’m going to feel it, but not react from it. I’m going to keep my power, thank you — and just do my work during the day and have fun swimming tonight!

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