Fearless Living Coaching

In March 2008, I graduated from the most comprehensive coaching training program in the world. Fearless Living is the only program that specializes in mastering emotional fears. I have extensive in-depth knowledge, understanding and practical application of the Principles of Fearless Living and am trained in uncovering your Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom.

It is my passion and mission to be constantly learn, study and grow, so that I can bring my clients the best coaching possible! I am always expanding my knowledge through the Fearless Living Institute’s continuing education program.

Everyone has different schedules and budgets, so I’ve created a way to build your own Fearless Living Coaching Package! You need to buy the book “Fearless Living” by Rhonda Britten for any Fearless Living coaching sessions. There’s a link to purchase from Amazon at the bottom of the page.

No Expectations!
I couldn’t believe how much I let expectations run my life. When I started learning how to release the expectations I had of myself, it rocked my world! Plus I stopped worrying so much about all the expectations people had of me. It’s amazing how a couple hours of coaching can make such a big difference: 2 sessions for $199

Clear your Mental Clutter
There is so much junk running through our minds! And this mental clutter sucks away our time and robs us of our focus. Learn the three top forms of mental clutter and get coaching on how to stop wasting all that time and energy: 3 sessions for $289

Uncover your Wheels
Ever worry that people might think you’re a loser? Or stupid? Lazy? Have you ever felt paralyzed? Impatient? Misunderstood? These are just a few of the signs that you’re on your Wheel of Fear, and your Wheel of Freedom is the one-way ticket out. Since everyone has their own distinct Wheels, these coaching sessions go way beyond the book! This is some nitty-gritty life coaching, so you must have completed either No Expectations coaching OR Mental Clutter coaching before you get your Wheels: 3 sessions for $289

Premier Package – This is the whole shebang!
If you really want to change your life, this is what you’re looking for. Together we move through the entire Fearless Living text book, using the Daily Training workbook for full integration. This is the ultimate in personalized support with full training on how to experience an amazing life full of freedom and joy! And if you make this awesome commitment to yourself, the book and workbook are on me:

12 sessions for $1139 (free book and workbook)
Click here for payment options.

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