Relationship Reboot Coaching

Remember when you first fell in love? You and your partner were in sync. The relationship was exciting and fun, and everything about your mate turned you on. But then time passed …

Sure, you still love your partner, but it’s just not the same as it used to be. Maybe you feel like s/he is always nagging you. Or the little quirks that you used to think were cute have gotten kind of annoying. Maybe you feel like you’re carrying the whole load. Perhaps you feel like s/he isn’t listening to you anymore.

Relationship Reboot Coaching helps you reduce relationship stress and reconnect with your mate. In four coaching sessions you’ll
– grow the appreciation and respect in your relationship;
– learn a whole new way to communicate to your partner;
– build teamwork and cooperation; and
– bring back that loving feeling!

Relationship Reboot is not couple’s counseling, so it can be done by yourself or you can bring your mate along for the ride. During our sessions we’ll focus on taking a stale relationship making it rock again … or taking a good relationship and making it great! It’s not for critical relationship issues (cheating, abuse, addictions, etc).

“JJ helped me find more balance and time for myself. I also learned how to express verbally what I am expecting from my husband.” Angela

“JJ taught us that teamwork can replace nagging. She helped us set the groundwork for communication between the two of us. She guided us in setting goals and allowing ourselves the time to achieve them.” Stacey & Geoff

“JJ’s (relationship) coaching helped us prioritize and plan better for the future.” Sumit

“Coaching has transformed my wife. I can’t say enough about the power of coaching in her life, and as a result, in my family’s life. Thanks to coaching we’re all living our lives more fully!” Steve

4 sessions for $379 (one person)
4 sessions for $549 (couple)

Coaching for One Person or Couple

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