Sweet Life Jump Start

Ideal for people who ...

Every moment in life, the good and the bad, boils down to your
Life Theme -- part of your sacred contract for life here on Earth.

How does it work?
The Sweet Life Jump Start helps identify your personal Life Theme. Life Themes are like a coin we carry with us for our entire life.

When you don't know your Life Theme, you're flipping
the coin and hoping for the best. You're leaving it up to
luck and chance.

There are four major Life Themes:
1. Peace & Panic
2. Wisdom & Confusion
3. Love & Judgment
4. Service & Sacrifice

Knowing your Life Theme lets you choose heads or tails. It's no longer random. The Sweet Life Jump Start works, because you are given the knowledge -- the one question to ask yourself -- that leads to more peace, wisdom, love, and service in your life.

You CAN have more out of life!
The more you understand how life works,
the sweeter YOUR LIFE gets.

  • Feel drained and depleted
  • Are stuck in a rut
  • Worry about what others might think or say
  • Get overwhelmed
  • Bully themselves with negative self talk
  • Try to please others by holding themselves back
  • Procrastinate
  • Aren't sure about their next step
  • Want a SWEETER life!
You've worked hard to overcome these obstacles. You've started new systems, made lists, read books and websites -- maybe even hired a life coach. But something always seems to get in the way.

It's not your fault. When you don't know your Life Theme, you often make choices that disempower you. You might stuff your feelings, block communication, isolate, be a perfectionist, delay, feel guilty, panic, spin your wheels, tell white lies, worry, etc. All because you don't know how to flip that coin to your advantage!

STOP wasting time and money.
Everything boils down to your Life Theme.

Jump Start your Sweet Life

The SECRET to More
Love, Peace, Wisdom, and Self-Acceptance

The Sweet Life Jump Start moves you forward without the stress. It boils all of your struggles and triumphs into one easy-to-understand concept -- your Life Theme.

The Life Theme concept is based on the scientific research and data collection of Richard Unger, founder of LifePrints: A Unique Approach that Creates a Life of Meaning.

It's so simple you can't go wrong!
JJ the Life Coach details all four
of the Life Themes with:
+ Identifiers to help you determine YOUR theme; and
+ Personal Power strategies tailored for each theme.

OPTION 1 - The Sweet Life Jump Start online program includes:

  • Instant download of six audios detailing each of the Life Themes;
  • Easy strategies for more Peace, Wisdom, Love, and Service in your life;
  • PDF audio notes for quick reference;
  • BONUS: Downloadable e-Book "Stop Stress Now!" -- a Personal Power tool for all Life Themes; and
  • BONUS: $20 off Jump Start Hand Analysis (You can't go wrong!)

OPTION 2 - Sweet Life Hand Analysis includes:

  • 100% ACCURACY
  • Professional Hand Printing Kit - sent to your door;
  • Personalized Life Theme Analysis & Identification Video by JJ the Life Coach;
  • Printed report detailing your personal Life Theme;
  • All shipping and handling included;
  • PLUS: The entire Sweet Life Jump Start online program;
  • PLUS: Downloadable e-book "Stop Stress Now" -- a Personal Power tool for all Life Themes;
  • BONUS: Life Theme Step-by-Step Strategy instantly creates a sweeter life ; and
  • BONUS: $75 off Your Life Purpose Blueprint

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