The Flow of Life Purpose…

We are always living our life purpose. It’s just a matter of whether we’re bumping up against it or going with the flow.

That was the first thing I learned when I talked to the woman who would reveal my life’s purpose to me. I know that it sounds a little out there to write that someone “revealed my life purpose to me.” I was skeptical, too. Yet I had prayed to know what to do and how to get out of my way, and this woman was the answer to my prayers (click here to read that blog post) — and now I was going with the flow.

Baeth Davis was the Scientific Hand Analyst who would read my fingerprints and send me a Life Purpose blueprint based on her findings. Scientific hand analysis isn’t about fortune telling. Instead, it looks at your fingerprints as a unique code (almost like DNA) that can tell us our aptitudes and challenges. In other words, our Life Purpose, Life Lesson, plus our Life School/Theme.

When my report arrived, I headed out to my hammock to review it. I was stunned! There hadn’t been any communication with Baeth or anyone in her office. I’d simply sent my handprints. Now I was staring at a report telling me everything that I’d learned about myself through 20 years of personal development.

The skeptical side of me faded into the background. I dared to believe. 

I was a life coach, and I could see how Scientific Hand Analysis could cut months or years off of my client’s growth curve. I felt compelled to learn more, so my next step was to become a Scientific Hand Analyst. I spent the next 13 months studying with Baeth Davis and Pamelah Landers.

Even though I could see the great benefits to this system, aligning with it was scary. I’d have to openly embrace this mystical stuff publicly instead of keeping it hidden in the closet. There’s a scientific side to this modality that can be demonstrated and verified, and there is also talk about souls, sacred contracts, and God’s blueprint. I was worried that I’d sound flaky and lose my credibility.

Yet I had made the commitment to myself and God that I would get out of my own way. I decided to continue down the path that started on my hammock and led into my future.


Yep, that’s my Life Purpose. Gulp! And it’s still hard for me to wrap my head around it. Yet, like I said, it really does make sense if I look at my entire life and my decades of personal development. Remember, we are ALWAYS living our life purpose.

The analytical side of me was still kicking and screaming about the whole Life Purpose process and telling people that I could now read their hands. But now I saw that this was exactly how I’d been getting in my own way — by rejecting myself and playing small. It was time to end to this self-imposed struggle by accepting myself fully. It meant bringing all parts of me out of the darkness and into the light.

There could be no more worrying about other people judging me. No more minimizing my gifts or letting fear get in the way of my vision and purpose. I couldn’t let self-doubt, feelings, and opinions sway me. Instead of letting my analytical mind and mystical side do battle, I chose to put them both in service to my soul.

spark becomes a flame… 

Two funny things happen when you’re in the flow of your Life Purpose:

  1. Some things get easier. My business grew to capacity VERY quickly. I had plenty of personal clients, plus I was hired to create curriculum and teach/mentor for the Fearless Living Institute. Mind you, I wasn’t even trying to make this happen. It just happened.
  2. Some things get harder. My work schedule was bursting at the seams. And with all of this going on I was still a mom and wife. I still had a household to manage. I still needed down time for myself. And I still had a body that didn’t handle stress very well.

I had to learn how to tailor my business so that I could maintain my energy and my relationships. I had to figure out how to create, expand, and get things done in all areas of my life — not by driving myself harder, getting more disciplined, or losing sleep. That was a sure-fire way back into burnout!Instead, it was about figuring out how to do it all with my personality, my body, my family, and my history. And even though my Life Purpose is a focal point for me, I know that ultimately my soul’s mission is to experience life as me. I need to remember to be myself and do my best. That’s all I have to do.

Thank you once again for reading another long installment of my newsletter. I really wanted to catch you up on what’s been happening in my life, because I want to invite you to continue this journey with me as I announce the next phase of my business.

And of course I want to help you on your journey, helping you ignite your inner spark and turn it into a flame. I’m working on my new program right now, and I’m looking forward to giving you the very first sneak peek at what’s to come.

Until next time,


One last thing… 

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