The Lunar Eclipse, Feminine Energy and that Tidal Thingy

Did you get a chance to see

the Blood Moon Eclipse this week?  

This past week I attended a Fearless Living ® Retreat. It was wonderful to see the people that I have mentored and worked with over this past year graduate and move forward into starting their own coaching careers. Being a part of their celebration made me reflect on the journey that I have been on myself these last few years as I created the program that would become Spark Your Being. It also made me reflect on how grateful I am to have found my purpose in life – and being thankful I now have this program for all of the frustrated women out there who have lost their creative spark. 

I returned home just in time to hear all about the Blood Moon that was so talked about this last week. I take some time in my video to explain the significance behind this phenomenon and how it once again brought me back to thinking about strong, creative women.


I encourage you to join me this week – take some time out to do a little bit of Spark Exploration for yourself and see where it takes you!​


 Have you been through a shadowy period in your own life? Did it make you see things differently or have a change in perception? 

Can you think of a time when you have cut yourself off

from your feminine energy? 

When have you leaned into your feminine energy and had it 
work in your favor? 


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