There is a monster at the end of this book …

I’ve been stepping into my calling big-time lately. It’s mostly been behind the scenes, but you have noticed the massive changes that are happening to my website (it’s still a work in process).

My Life Purpose is to be a Spiritual Artist & Teacher with a Business in the Spotlight. That is my true calling, and while there is a part of that purpose that feels just right, it’s also pretty dang scary sometimes. GULP!!

This month, I have been putting the finishing touches on a Telesummit. My friend Carrie Ann Baron spearheaded this project, and I’ve been helping with final production. I’ve also been getting ready to step my business into the spotlight as one of the 18 experts who are participating from around the world.

This Global Emotional Awakening Telesummit starts on Monday, April 28. So I sent out an email to my list and posted the event on my FB pages, letting everyone know that it was happening. But that email didn’t go quite as planned.

I had to send out a follow-up email that I’m sharing with you now. I’m sharing it with you because I know that I need to share my experiences in order to teach. I’m sharing it because I need to share my hopes, dream, and fears. I’m sharing it because I need to start asking for help so that I can continue to step into my calling.

Here is that follow-up email:

There is a monster at the end of this book.. and a link that works this time :-)Sent Saturday, April 26, 2014View as plaintext

Hello, again — it’s me.

When my brother was a toddler I used to read him a Sesame Street book called “There’s a Monster at the End of this Book.” (I actually just checked Amazon and it’s still in print).)

The book features Grover, and throughout the entire thing he is trying to stop the reader from turning the page, because there is a MONSTER at the end of the book. With each page, we are getting closer and closer to the monster, until the second-to-the-last page when he discovers that HE is the monster at the end!

Notice that I said the second-to-the-last page, because my favorite page was that LAST page. The one where he does a face palm and says sheepishly, “Oh, I am so embarrassed . . . .” Well, I’m having a Grover moment this morning.

Thanks to everyone who let me know that my last email contained links that don’t actually work. “Oh, I am so embarrassed  . . . .”

What’s even more embarrassing (I’m going to get REALLY personal now) is that every time I’m teaching a class, writing an email, creating a webinar, selling a new product, or recording a new video, I’m getting closer to the “monster at the end of the book.” That monster — my greatest fear — is that in the end, nobody will show up.

When I’m doing a project and I hesitate, get in my own way, or drop the ball, it’s because every step feels like it’s getting me closer to that monster. I fear that I will be standing alone with all of my effort, and nobody will care. Oh, I am so embarrassed … all my work and the heart and soul that I put into it will be for nothing. And then I’ll feel like a nothing. And I’ll ask, “Why did I bother?”

Here’s where the ultimate irony comes in: I just sent out an email with links THAT DON’T WORK!  That’s right. I nearly manifested my biggest fear. People can’t show up if you don’t give them the information they need to show up. I just sent you all to a dead end.

So here is a link that works:

And I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart, please show up — the event is free. You can listen to as many or as few speakers as you’d like. I’m asking for your help, so that I can see that the monster at the end is just me and my fears about stepping out into the spotlight to answer my calling.

Please show up — for me and for you. Because I REALLY do believe in this Telesummit. The information you will get from listening to these experts is invaluable. It might even help you deal with your monster at the end of the book!

Sign up now — click this WORKING link to get free access.

Thank you for your support,

Global Emotional Awakening Telesummit:



What do you think? What is your monster at the end of the book?

Don’t leave me hanging! Please leave a comment below …


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