Twists, Turns and Corkscrews

Today I am grateful for the twists and turns that life brings to me. It’s like a roller coaster where being at the crest is breathtaking; my heart skips a beat when I’m on the brink; the speed makes me dizzy; and the free fall makes my stomach drop. In just two minutes I go from being terrified to exhilarated. I unstrap myself and step out of the car, feeling triumphant and wanting more.

The thrill of those rides makes me thankful for all that life has in store for me. Every high and low has brought me to the sweetness of today. I’ve walked in breathtaking beauty; my heart has been broken and on the brink; there’s been dizzying laughter and joy; loss and grief has made my stomach drop. I’ve grown into myself while riding through every crazy corkscrew along life’s track.

Through the years I’ve experienced terror and exhilaration, along with every emotion in between. Those memories bring deep appreciation for the life that’s mine and mine alone. It takes courage to ride this ride of life, and today the thrill of all my life experiences leaves me feeling grateful, triumphant and wanting more!

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  1. Thank you! I’m so excited, because this post was published in a book called The Gratitude Project: 365 Days of Gratitude.

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