Want an amazing Valentine’s Day? Invite your inner caveman …

Why do we love roses and chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Because they engage our senses, stimulating both our primitive and advanced brains. And Valentine’s Day is one of those times when you want both your inner caveman (or cavewoman) and your perfect self at the party!

This is because love lives in your advanced brain, while your emotional memories and pleasure center is in your primitive brain. So the #1 tip for having the biggest Valentine’s is to bring as many senses into your Valentine’s Day as possible.

And don’t just rely on the traditional treats. Get your perfect self in on the planning — your creativity and your personality.

Maybe you had a beach honeymoon — would a nice tropical drink and coconut scented lotion bring back the memories?

Or was your first date at an Italian restaurant? How about a spaghetti dinner with some traditional Italian music playing in the background.

Is it a new relationship? Which senses can you bring into the date? Create the emotional memory commenting on how good your food smells or how good the wine tastes. Notice the music. Remark on the colors of the flowers in the centerpiece. Be specific so that your Valentine comes along for the sensual ride!

Make it special. Make it sensual. Savor everything to bring both your brains together and have a blast!

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